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Gaz’s approach has undoubtedly helped shape the player I am today. This book will help you experience the best of yourself and your performances.’

Maitlan Brown

Professional Cricketer, NSW Breakers, Sydney Sixers, Australia

‘An excellent set of practical and effective brain-loving strategies that support peak athletic performance as well as …. a dynamic, fulfilling life.'

Dr Martin Fryer, nerve/muscle scientist,

Ultramarathon running legend and coach,

Australian Ultrarunning Hall of Fame

‘The Brainy Athlete is easy reading and thought-provoking. Gaz Mills inspires gentle shifts in our day-to-day training and living habits by generously sharing his own vulnerabilities, experiences and research towards a stronger and holistic approach to being your best self.’

Vikki Fischer

Mother, former elite athlete, senior executive and ACT Brumbies board member

'Gaz through research and storytelling has constructed this book as a tool for you, the athlete, to maximise your performance…'

Megan Hall, Olympic athlete 2004,

Paralympic triathlon coach Tokyo 2020

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'The Brainy Athlete' is available now from major online retailers and bookstores.

Gaz is a brilliant facilitator. I really appreciated his pragmatic approach to leadership

Who is 'The Brainy Athlete'?

As an athlete you know that you must allow time for your body to rest and recover to improve. If you don’t, you risk overtraining your body, excess fatigue, injury, your performance suffers, and you may even stop enjoying your sport.


But it’s not only your body you need to take care of.  Your brain needs to rest and recover too because it runs everything and uses more energy than any other part of your body. How well you care for your brain every day can make or break you as an athlete.  If your brain is fatigued and low on energy when you show up to train or compete, it can feel impossible to mentally push through and deliver the performance you know you can achieve. 

In The Brainy Athlete, you’ll learn:

  • Why your brain is central to your performance, wellbeing and success

  • The performance benefits of prioritising your brain’s rest and recovery

  • To make healthier lifestyle choices every day for your brain

  • Proven solutions for amateur, elite, and professional athletes.

  • How you can become a Brainy Athlete

  • And much more

Perfection is not your goal. Prioritising your brain to help you be the best athlete you can be is. It’s time to invest in your brain now and become the Brainy Athlete you were meant to be!

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