My philosophy is simple. Share the stuff I've learned and lived to help as many people as I can.


Since the mid 1990s, I have worked in a range of sectors and roles, both in Australia and overseas. 

My mixed bag of life experience includes:

  • Former bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister and other world leaders

  • Leading complex and challenging operations both in Australia and overseas

  • Police officer and specialist teams trainer

  • Team Australia athlete in an international outdoor sports & survival TV series

  • Public sector executive

  • Farm hand

  • Radio presenter and some minor TV acting roles (Foxtel and Netflix)

  • Ironman athlete

  • Neuroscience Fundamentals Program - Harvard












Along the way I have learnt that none of us get away without s#it in our lives.  It took me a long time to realise this, even with more than a few disasters, stuff ups and s#itstorms thrown in.  As a result, and in particular the s#itshows I helped create, this not only affected me but the people around me I care for and love.  


My life has improved a lot since then and a big part of this has been my hunger to understand how our brain influences our daily lives.  This has led me to a greater understanding of how we can influence our brain to improve our mindset, performance & wellbeing.

Clients have described me as “calm, open and genuine” and have said my “depth of knowledge on neuroleadership is perfectly complimented by (my) interpersonal skills and ability to convey the subject matter in terms understood by all.” My approach is backed by science and research however, my delivery approach is very human and caring.

Regardless of who I'm working with, I focus on creating a psychologically safe space for people to contribute, reflect, question and share what they're thinking and feeling. You can be guaranteed our relationship will be interactive and relaxed with humour (lots of this), helping you to relax, have fun and be open to learning. 


I have been a member of Beyond Blue’s Speaker Bureau since 2017, sharing my story of depression to increase awareness, improve understanding and provide support.

Life isn't easy so we need all the support we can get, including our own skills and strategies, to enjoy the good times and help each other through the s#it times.

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