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Are you ready for a stronger relationship with your brain?


Your brain needs energy resources to think critically under pressure, make

good decisions, regulate your emotions, outsmart your worries and fears, be in tune with your body, remain calm, and come up with a new plan when your original plan is no longer working.


Understanding how to take better care of your brain will put you in a stronger position to take advantage of what your amazing brain can do for you and the people around you.

Gaz is a brilliant facilitator. I really appreciated his pragmatic approach to leadership

Gaz Mills' book 'The Brainy Athlete' was published in April 2023 by the Grammar Factory. It's available in paperback, audiobook and e-book from online retailers and bookstores.


The book delivers an excellent set of practical and effective brain-loving strategies that support peak athletic performance as well as the enjoyment of a dynamic, fulfilling life.  


It was written for athletes however, the Brainy Athlete principles and approaches are just as valuable for any brain, including yours. They help to develop Brainy Leaders and Teams, not just Athletes.

Gaz is a Neurocoach, Speaker and Author who simplifies brain science to develop Brainy Athletes, Leaders and Teams. These are people who prioritise their brain, and the brains of the people they lead, work and live with, to improve performance and wellbeing.  


He works with professional athletes, passionate leaders, energetic entrepreneurs, and their teams. Gaz was a Prime Minister's bodyguard, specialist police trainer, and executive. I'm an endurance athlete, Beyond Blue speaker, coffee snob, and survived a reality TV show filmed in Bali. Gaz lives in Canberra and Broulee with his wife.

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‘Gaz’s Brainy Athlete approach has been awesome at helping me look after my brain and mindset to give the best account of myself.’


Tammy Beaumont MBE

England Cricketer

2021 ICC Women’s T20 Cricketer of the Year

2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup Player of the Tournament

You have the best brains in the business when you create
Brainy Leaders and Teams.


When brains become a higher priority, individual and collective performance lifts and wellbeing is supported.

This equally applies to leaders and teams in sport, small business, large organisations and the public sector.

Gaz has facilitated, coached, and presented for thousands of people in workshops, conferences, programs, and other events. Themes include leadership, critical thinking, presentation skills and wellbeing. 

It doesn’t matter who your team is or what they do, the principles and approach of 'The Brainy Athlete' help create the workplace environments and relationships we crave to support our performance and wellbeing.

Click here to contact Gaz and start discussing how you can create the best brains in your business. 

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